Importing People after using earlier version of P2Lr

This information is for users who…

  • Used a version of P2Lr earlier than 2.0, and…
  • Have face recognition info in their photos and want to transfer it to the native Lightroom representation of people and face regions

Since you’ve already run P2Lr to import your Albums, Stars, etc., you can just follow the new instructions on the website to import your People & Faces. However, I’d recommend starting over with a clean new Lightroom catalog and following the instructions from the beginning if you can (see more info below).  But if you’ve invested some time arranging photos in Lightroom and don’t want to start from scratch, you just need to follow these 2 sections:

  • Save your People/Face Data in Picasa
  • After the import you may need to do this step because of a Lightroom quirk:
    Fix Person Keyword Associations
  • You don’t need to install and run the latest version of the P2Lr plugin, all you have to do is delete all the People collections it created (i.e. the ones prefixed with “Person:”). Or you can just move your album and star Collections somewhere else and delete the whole “Picasa Import” Collection Set containing only the People collections.

If you decide to start with a clean catalog, do this:

  1. Run Lightroom
  2. Menu: File > New Catalog…
  3. Type in a name for the catalog. This will become a folder name so don’t use any special characters, spaces, or punctuation except dash and underscore
  4. Hit “Create” button
  5. Note: Your old catalog is still there and you can open it later if you decide you want to go back to it. (File > Open Recent…)
  6. Follow the instructions on this page: P2Lr Detailed Instructions

Please contact me if you have questions, or just to let me know it worked for you.